Get your life organized, meet your goals, and ensure nothing is lost or forgotten—all in one place, no kidding

About Us

Where did this whole TrackAll idea come from?

Some of us need to track certain things in our lives. Serious things, including keeping track of medical issues. I do.

There are many wonderful apps and websites where you can track these sorts of things. Each has their own way of tracking and reporting. The creators have come up with some very creative ways to track things and display results.

We had issues with these, however. There is a separate learning curve for each app, and you track things the way the creator wants you to, no choice.

How about an app that can track what you want to track, in the way you want to track it and create the type of report you want to have and perhaps share with others, your doctors, your family, friends, colleagues?

We couldn’t find an app that did that - so we made one - and named it TrackAll.

Stay focused with Trackall

What do we mean by focused? If you have the TrackAll app following everything quietly in the background, and sending you timely reminders when things need attention - set up by you by the way. Now, you can set your mind free to on whatever you want - painting, writing, talking, listening to music - whatever.

Do the words free and focus work together? We thought about that and came up with ‘free to focus’ - without worry. Live your life without the unpleasant surprise of having forgotten something important.

Taking medication. Paying a bill on time. That kind of stuff.

Goal Setting and Tracking

We all set goals for ourselves, good ones. Self-improvement is a common goal. But, how to break through the common barrier of habit, to create goal oriented objectives without running out of steam half way? You make a plan, an achievable plan. You commit. You set reminders. You track your performance. You review and revise your plan periodically. You start again. That’s how. No magic. TrackAll gives you the tools. If your goal is community oriented, our Community and Group functions will help you to hook-up, and stay hooked up. Having others encouraging you, in your group keeps all of you on track. Encourage each other. Your group can be in town, or across the globe.

Set reminders & recurrences for Trackall Schedule Sharing

Scheduling for you and all the Groups you belong to. (More on Groups coming up!)

At the heart of TrackAll is a robust and very flexible scheduler. You can schedule events and, more Imprtantly - set reminders for yourself or others, or both. Reminder: ‘Did you write 30 pages today? There is a Y/N choice. If you click N for No you get a stern message written by you to get moving. How can you get angry at that? You can set the scheduler to send you a report on how you are doing on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis - your choice. There are different levels of priority for each reminder. If it is a very high priority, like taking your meds, and you don’t respond Y for yes within a prescribed time - a message will be sent to a reliable third party to alert them.

Groups are at the heart of TrackAll

Groups can be as diverse as you and your doctor, your family, your sales team, or your yoga class. You have the flexibility to establish your own group, where you act as the administrator, and then invite others to join. Alternatively, you can accept an invitation from someone else who has created their group.

Within a group, you can seamlessly share information. Moreover, if you choose to, you can extend this information-sharing capability to other groups. For instance, if you have both a work group and a family group, you can share your work schedule with specific members of your family group and even send them messages. The size of groups can vary, depending on the type of plan in your subscription—whether it’s a family of 5, a sales force of 100, or a fan base of 20,000, the possibilities are limitless.

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